Your iPhone tracks every place you visit. It knows where you are and it remembers where you’ve been. It keeps a record of frequently visited places and uses the data to make location-based suggestions. It can even determine whether you drove or walked to a location (see figure at left). This data is supposedly encrypted and stored on your phone – not collected by Apple. But is this really nece…Read More


    What is KeePass? These days, you need to remember a million passwords. You need a password for the Windows network logon, your e-mail account, your website's FTP password, your bank account, and other online passwords - the list is endless. Also, you’re advised to use different passwords for each account. If you use the same password for everything and someone gets ahold of it, you have a proble…Read More


    Have any of your on-line accounts been compromised in a data “breach” or “paste”? How do you know? How do you find out? First of all, let’s define the terms. A “breach” is an incident where data is inadvertently exposed in a vulnerable system due to security flaws or weaknesses. A “paste” is information that has been “pasted” to a publicly facing website designed to share the…Read More

  4. And the Password Is…

    In this day and age, we all know it's not safe to use only one password for all our accounts, because if someone diabolical gets a hold of it – we're hosed. Really hosed. So we're prompted to create and remember a unique password for what seems like a million different websites – one to log onto our PC; one to access our e-mail; one to access our bank account; one to access each social media a…Read More