Your smartphone contains a trove of information advertisers utilize to build a custom profile of your daily phone usage. Your profile contains information on where you’ve been, what you’ve been looking at, and what you’ve been clicking on. Advertisers then push targeted ads based on your perceived interests. Do you want advertisers collecting this information about you? If not, you have the …Read More


    Your iPhone tracks every place you visit. It knows where you are and it remembers where you’ve been. It keeps a record of frequently visited places and uses the data to make location-based suggestions. It can even determine whether you drove or walked to a location (see figure at left). This data is supposedly encrypted and stored on your phone – not collected by Apple. But is this really nece…Read More


    Banking transactions are normally secure, even when you use a mobile device – that is, unless you're on public WIFI, as a close friend recently found out the hard way. Whilst in downtown Seattle and realizing they needed to transfer some money between bank accounts, they completed the transaction on their cell phone app using what they thought was their wireless data connection. Upon completing …Read More

  4. Smartphone Risk

    Millions of smartphones are vulnerable to attack over your Wi-Fi connection. An attacker can, and will, take control of your Android or Apple device. Attackers with high skills can also deploy malicious code to take full control over your device and install malicious apps like banking Trojans, ransomware, and adware without your knowledge. Both Google and Apple have released updates. Google update…Read More