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Industry Compliance

Bridging the gap between your standards for data governance and cyber protection.

What compliance needs are you looking to overcome?

to Comply?

Having compliance with industry regulations is a very clear sign to any potential clients that your business will be able to handle any sensitive information they may give you and keep it secure.


In order to comply there is quite a bit to know and a lot of it isn’t always immediately obvious. Because of this it can often be helpful to have the assistance of a professional.

the Funds?

Making any kind of changes to your systems in order to comply can often be quite costly as you may need new security measures to be put in place such as firewalls or an email filter.

Providing an expert cure to your challenges

PC Therapist provides industry-specific compliance solutions to small businesses, helping them meet regulatory requirements and standards, through customized policies, staff training, risk assessments, and regular audits

Compliance assessments

We will assess your business' current compliance and find where your business falls short and bring it up to speed.

Customized procedures

We can work around your businesses needs and make compliance possible for you no matter the situation.

Staff training

We can offer training and support for your staff to ensure they are aware of and don't accidentally breach regulations.

Regular audits

We can regularly audit your systems to ensure that they are still up regulation standards.

We can be your Partner in Compliance

If you want to comply with your industry’s regulations, get in contact with us today and we can assist you!

Achieve peace of mind for your compliance needs

You can relax knowing that PC Therapist is taking care of your extensive list of legal or industry regulatory compliance.

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We are worried about the strength of our systems security and are at risk of having the client data we handle exposed

Satisfied customers

PC Therapist 

Not a problem! We can bolster your system’s security and keep all your client’s data safe.

Regulation Level Security

To ensure your system and client data is secure

We can provide your business with a high level of cybersecurity for your systems which will allow you to comply with your industry’s regulations for things like Data Protection.

Monetary Issues

Compliance can be expensive

It can cost an egregious amount to get your business to the correct level for compliance.

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We are worried about whether or not we will be able to afford the costs of getting up to compliant standard.

Satisfied customers

PC Therapist

Here at PC Therapist we will try and work with you to ensure that anything we do is within your budget so you can still afford to comply.

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I feel that we lack the knowledge and expertize to make the necessary changes to reach compliance.

Satisfied customers

PC Therapist 

No problem! At PC Therapist we have a team of experts who specialize in the field of IT and can assist you with your regulation compliance.


Compliance can be quite complicated

Expertize can be required in order to successfully bring your business to a high standard of regulation compliance.

Staff Knowledge

Often the biggest risk to business security are the employees

In order for your business to remain secure and compliant it is important that your staff are well trained in how to navigate possible cyber threats.

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We are worried that someone at our business could possibly accidentally enable a cyber attack.

Satisfied customers

PC Therapist

To remedy this we can offer staff training to ensure that all of your staff members are well versed in cyber threats.

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Meet Mark Needham

Mark has spent the last three decades troubleshooting everything from complex data structures to electrical parts, with a focus on helping small businesses keep their network operations and computer systems operating securely and at peak efficiency.