A network is vulnerable to both external and internal threats.


From malvertising (the use of online advertising to spread malware) to drive-by ransomware downloads, uncontrolled web usage on corporate and guest networks is very risky. DNS Protection through PC Therapist uses real-time threat intelligence that is continuously checked and updated; categorizations are always as current and as accurate as possible. By reducing user traffic to malicious or undesirable websites, PC Therapist significantly reduces the likelihood that your endpoints and networks will become infected.


When it comes to data breaches, the risk for organizations is high, from the quantifiable monetary costs of notification and business loss, to the less tangible effects on a company’s reputation and customer loyalty. Data theft is a growing crime and a secure firewall is the best defense against these types of predators. PC Therapist will ensure your business and your network have the strongest firewall protection possible.


One of the chief causes of data breaches is what’s known as internal data breaches, and those events fall into two categories: accidental and intentional. Internal data breaches, as the name implies, occur when a company employee opens the business up to a hacking event or data leak. There are a number of steps PC Therapist takes to prevent such breaches, including safeguarding against employees having unrestricted access to information, as well as preventing accidental leakage of sensitive business data through company phones, laptops, flash drives, and other data storage devices.