Do you ever get the feeling you’re being stalked – by advertisements? How do online shopping sites always seem to know what you’re looking for – are they psychic? Why does that same ad pop up again and again, wherever you are? And why do these ads stalk and pester you everywhere you go until they annoy the crap out of you?

The creepy reality is, third-party web trackers are behind the scenes, not only “ad targeting” you, but at the same time collecting tons of personal data about you. They’re gathering it from sites you visit on your electronic devices and sharing it with – well, whoever they want, even though you’ve never heard of them and you certainly never agreed to share your personal information with them!

Before you start thinking, “So what if that strappy sandals ad continually follows me around?” you must know that web trackers are gleaning far more important personal information about you than cute footwear preferences, such as: your income, education level, ethnicity, legal matters, financial situation, and even mental health issues, not to mention your mother’s maiden name and the exact location where you’re currently reading this right now!

They collect it, they store it, they use it, they circulate it, they share it, and they sell it. To add to the creepiness, it’s impossible to know how the information could be used against you through employment discrimination, denial of services, or election influencing, not to mention other even more sinister practices.

So, how do you stop the madness? With Enhanced Tracking Protection from Firefox, a feature automatically enabled in their browser which blocks over 10 billion web trackers daily for Firefox users across the globe. Additional privacy and security products are also available for free when you’re signed into your Firefox account.

Read more about how Firefox is working to protect your privacy here.

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