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The Best IT Support for SMBs across Seattle

“Mark has been helping and supporting me for almost 20 years.  He has been present every step of the way and is always there, behind the scenes, identifying and addressing issues before they become a problem.”
Tori McKlveen, DVM, DACVR, Veterinary Specialist

More than 25 Seattle area professional service firms rely on PC Therapist to keep their businesses running securely and efficiently.

Technical team; human approach.

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We expertly diagnose problems and address challenges within your business.

Technology is now more important than ever to ensure corporate success. However, businesses are often constricted by IT issues that limited productivity and shoddy IT Support that stifles output, as well as a lack of visibility into internal business issues that influences profitability.

Are you suffering from the impact of IT outages?

Left unchecked, network downtime, caused by non-responsive and shortsighted IT support, can hinder productivity and negatively affect profitability.

Do you have an IT provider who communicates clearly and effectively to address your business’ needs?

You need a partner familiar with the intricate workings of your organization as technology is now a fundamental component of a modern enterprise.

Do you need more visibility and control within your company?

Is it challenging to keep track of sales, inventory, distribution, and finances? Streamline and standardize your operations with PC Therapist to increase efficiency and profitability.

Are you aware of the increased vulnerability of your confidential business data?

Businesses like yours are relying more and more on data to operate efficiently. To maintain your reputation and credibility, PC Therapist will safeguard the privacy and integrity of that information.

An IT Support partner you can trust

At PC Therapist, we take great pride in assisting you in achieving your goals by keeping your IT infrastructure ahead of your business’s growth trajectory. Through regular business reviews, we ensure that our strategies and solutions remain aligned with your objectives.

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Customized solutions, specific to your business

PC Therapist specializes in customized solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses where privacy and security are critical for success.

IT Support

Support at PC Therapist is approachable, responsive, and proactive by taking preemptive steps to avoid expensive downtime.

Modern Workplace

We will assist in upgrading your business technology to an efficient and more modern standard.

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Cyber Security PCTherapist

Cyber Security

We will set up and maintain the technology required to secure your data, from network security and email protection to antivirus and data backup. Security is never left to chance with PC Therapist!

Industry Compliance

We will assist you and your business to meet the regulations of legislative requirements like HIPAA and Cyber security compliance.


Providing customized services for small businesses

Quick Response

We will be there to help with any issues as PC Therapist believes IT Support must always be readily available.

A Proactive Cyber Safe Approach

By proactively monitoring your systems, we will eliminate any potential problems before they arise.

Personable, Friendly, and Knowledgeable

We want to know you and your business to better understand your needs and address any current issues.

Join the many successful organizations that have partnered with us!

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