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About Us

Offering maximum availability, minimum geek-speak, and a common sense approach to keeping your business running at optimum efficiency 24/7.


Meet Mark Needham

Mark has spent the last three decades troubleshooting everything from complex data structures to electrical parts, with a focus on helping small-to-medium-sized businesses keep their network operations and computer systems operating securely and at peak efficiency.

Mark delivers top-level privacy and security to protect customer, client and patient data, and has served as a proven, trusted advisor in all technical areas. He helps clients improve their current situation through customized solutions that are never over-engineered.

Best of all – no geek-speak! Mark’s early years serving in the British Army provided him with diverse experience and practical knowledge, enabling him to seek out common-sense solutions. He has been trained as a Microsoft Certified Professional and Systems Engineer and is an authorized reseller for Dell, Unitrends BCDR, and more.

Our Core Values

Be business-centered IT experts

Your business' goals and operational challenges remain at the core of everything we do, from the staff we recruit to the service methods we offer. We consistently go above and beyond to address changing demands with your organization's technology.

Always be looking forward

We keep your business aligned with evolving technological developments. We use trends to streamline processes and provide you with a consistently high level of services and tools to help you succeed.

Dynamically manage evolving threats

We keep a close watch on ever-evolving risks such as cyberthreats and technology flaws and restrictions, which can affect operational performance and business continuity if not promptly addressed.

Be intent on achieving your company goals

We are in a unique position to provide you with professional advice on the strategic alignment of technology as a key element that can help you reach goals much more quickly and more affordably.

An IT Support Partner you can trust

We will proudly help you reach your goals by keeping your IT ahead of the development of your business. We conduct regular business reviews, ensuring we stay aligned with your objectives.