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Dark Web Scanning

Have your login credentials been exposed to the internet's criminal underworld?

An Introduction to the Dark Web and the Threat It Poses to Your Data

What is the dark Web?

The dark web is a hidden section of the internet that uses multiple layers of encryption to conceal the origin of its servers, and prevent indexing by search engines. You won’t have encountered the dark web whilst browsing, unless you’ve gone looking for it – which we strongly advise against!

Why is the dark web considered dangerous?

The clandestine nature and anonymity afforded by the dark web makes it a hotbed for illegal activity, such as the sale or distribution of illegal drugs, weapons, banned goods, stolen data, hacking tools and cyber-attacks ‘as-a-service.’ Even browsing the dark web can present dangers, with sites often featuring scams, fraud, malware and other security risks.

Why should my business be concerned about the dark web?

Over the years, the dark web has amassed huge amounts of corporate information, much of which is used to facilitate crimes against the companies it’s stolen from. This information includes company secrets, intellectual property, financial information, and perhaps most alarming of all: over 24 billion sets of user account credentials.

Defend Your Data and Uncover Exposed Credentials with Dark Web Scanning From PC Therapist

Don't let cyber-criminals attack your business using compromised account credentials. Take preventative action today!

Proactive Defense

Our dark web scanning capabilities use 'web crawlers' to scan forums, marketplaces, chat rooms and other dark web spaces for signs of your business's data and account credentials. Using technical devices that mimic the behavior of site visitors, we're able to monitor dark web activity without being detected by site admins.

Targeted Detection

Our scanning tools target the corners of the dark web most often used by criminals to trade stolen account credentials and business data. This means we can conduct time-efficient assessments with the greatest chance of uncovering stolen information.

Unveil Vulnerabilities

The scanning assessment concludes with a detailed report highlighting the accounts that have been compromized, as well as the degree of exposure and level of risk each presents. Our assessment process allows us to investigate the breach events that led to dark web exposure, enabling us to make security posture enhancements to address vulnerabilities.

A Cyber Security partner you can trust

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that your sensitive data and digital assets are protected with the highest level of security measures.

Protect Your Firm's Data with Dark Web Scanning

Maintaining the integrity or your user accounts is vital to defending the interests of your business, and your customers.

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Can my login credentials be removed from the dark web if they’re found there?

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PC Therapist 

No, dark web scanning is a passive process that cannot alter or recover the content it discovers.  Its objective is to determine whether your data and login credentials have been exposed so that you can reset passwords and update your security posture to prevent information leaking out in the future.

An Extra Layer of Protection for Your Passwords

Dark web scanning should be used in conjunction with password best practice and a broad range of cyber security controls, including firewalls, endpoint antivirus software and email filtering technologies. By attacking the threat of password compromize from multiple angles you can significantly reduce the chance of your account credentials being exposed and traded on the dark web.

Manage Cyber Risks More Effectively

Scans can assess the overall risk level of your systems and network. By analyzing the scan results, you can gain insights into potential threats, prioritize remediation efforts, and allocate resources effectively to address the most critical vulnerabilities.

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Can dark web scanning be used to improve my cyber security posture?

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We can use the results of the dark web assessment process to determine your business’s overall level of exposure and investigate breach events that likely led to account compromize. The results will allow you to pinpoint chinks in your cyber security armour and give you an overall picture of how effective your current cyber security measures are.

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Does a single scan provide ongoing protection?

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PC Therapist 

A single scan acts as a snapshot of immediate threat the dark web poses to your business. Regular scanning is required for ongoing protection.

Maintain Cyber Vigilance

While a single scan offers a valuable insight into your business's presence on the dark web, we recommend periodic scanning to ensure ongoing protection.  The dark web is an a constant state of flux, with new forums and sites added all the time. Regular scanning ensures this new activity is investigated, and will provide your business with real-time update on exposure events so that you can take immediate action to lock down affected accounts.

Bolster Your Cyber security Strategy

Dark web scanning is not a cyber security cure-all. Scanning should be used to complement your exisiting cyber security measures, and allow you to make insight-driven improvements that mitigate cyber risks. Acting as a potent last line of defense, our scanning assessments allow you to intervene before your account credentials fall into malicious hands and are used to attack your business.

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Our Clients 

If my information is on the dark web is a scan guaranteed to find it?

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PC Therapist

Our dark web assessments scour the parts of the dark web your data is most likely to be found – namely the “Surface Dark Web.” This targeted approach yields the greatest chance of success, but due to the scale of the dark web there is no guarantee that all exposed data and credentials will be detected. That’s why dark web scanning should form part of a greater cyber security strategy that encompasses people, process and technical measures.

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