Protect your data by backing it up both on- and off-site – and keep the bad guys from hacking your network!

Risk management measures and pre-disaster planning is cost effective in the long run as every dollar spent on a disaster recovery plan saves money in response and recovery costs. The aim is to ensure minimal losses in the event of a disruptive event. Different measures can be included in a disaster recovery plan that will reduce or eliminate various threats to an organization.

Disaster recovery services are a foundational component of hybrid (on-site/off-site) IT because of the importance of protecting data, supporting critical business functions, and keeping applications available to users. Disaster recovery services help businesses recover from natural or human-induced disasters, assist with regulatory compliance, preserve an organization’s intellectual property, and provide other benefits that reflect good organizational governance. Your IT systems are critical to the smooth operation of your company, therefore, it’s imperative to ensure continued operation and rapid recovery of those systems.

We at PC Therapist approach disaster recovery in three ways:

  • Risk – Risk is inherent in all IT infrastructures. PC Therapist will construct a plan to identify possible risks and evaluate the potential impact on the functionality of your company. The levels of risk will be documented and solutions spelled out for each type of risk.
  • Resilience – Resilience is the measure of a company’s ability to survive disaster. PC Therapist’s comprehensive plan will increase your company’s resiliency and ease your mind, allowing you to sleep soundly and with the confidence that you are fully protected.
  • Recoverability – No disaster recovery program can be successful if the data is not recoverable. PC Therapist will ensure your data can be recovered from any potential disaster by testing the integrity of the backup images. Our disaster recovery personnel can then follow the steps set forth in the plan and your business will continue to run smoothly, with minimal interruption.